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First Visit Instructions

Thank you for choosing our clinic for your vein treatment needs. We want you to feel at ease throughout your treatment process. Planning ahead and preparing for your visit can help you feel comfortable and relieve any feelings of anxiety. So, in preparation for your varicose vein treatment visit, we recommend the following tips.

Before You Visit

What to Bring

Evaluation by Your Vein Specialist

Evaluation of venous disease involve a combination of historical, physical, and diagnostic findings by our vein specialist team.

Medical History

Your initial consultation will begin with a careful assessment and review of your leg symptoms and medical history by our medical staff.

Pictures and Measurements

Photos of your legs will be taken to compare before and after treatment. This is also required by your insurance carrier. During this first visit or at a later visit, our medical staff will measure your legs for compression garments

Diagnostic Ultrasounds Study

Detailed Doppler study of the superficial and deep venous system is required to rule out any clots and to document the degree of the reflux (reversal of blood flow) that is causing your vein disease symptoms. Our sonographer will perform this study while you are in a standing position because this position provides the most accurate and reliable method to perform the reflux examination.

If your vein problem is only an appearance issue, an ultrasound of your legs is not required. If you have any discomfort, an ultrasound is essential for making an accurate diagnosis and plan for your vein care.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Following the initial evaluation and reviewing the ultrasound scan, our vein clinic specialist will give you a diagnosis of your problem and develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your insurance criteria.  Once the period of conservative management has been met, which include wearing compression stockings, your vein treatment procedures can be scheduled.

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