Often patients complain that their legs feel like they are burning, yet when the temperature of their legs is measured, it reads as normal. So why do they feel they have burning legs? Burning sensations of the legs and ankles is a common symptom of venous insufficiency. This is a type of “parasthesia,” a feeling that is rather unpleasant but not necessarily painful, as a result of nerve damage. So, the good news is your legs are not really burning. The bad news: it is time to talk to your doctor, as things can get more complicated if you delay.


Itching, tingling, or the creepy-crawly feeling of insects over the ankles is a typical symptom of venous problems.

With the reversal of blood-flow caused by diseased saphenous veins, the soft tissues of the lower extremities receive de-oxygenated blood, high in end-metabolites like lactic acid as well as free radicals. Since this used blood partially displaces any new blood being brought in by the arteries, this process resembles a kind of low-grade poisoning, and with such abnormal nutrition, the skin cells on the lower legs and ankles fail to regenerate properly. The result is the formation of loose intercellular connection, perceived subjectively as itching or tingling.

As with any other symptom, it is ill-advised to treat itching by itself. It is important to uncover and treat the condition responsible for it.

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