Compression therapy

varicose veins

Compression therapy can play an important role in treating venous insufficiency when used in addition to other methods of treatment. Specialized compression stockings or bandages can temporarily optimize abnormal venous circulation by placing most pressure around the ankle and gradually applying less pressure going up the leg. This compression improves the valve function in the veins by reducing the diameter of the distended vein and thus improving the blood flow back to the heart.

Although compression stockings will help reduce many of the varicose vein symptoms, it should, however, not be considered as an independent, or especially long-term medical management, because compression stockings will not cure varicose veins.

Compression stockings come in different sizes and strengths for different needs and are prescribed by a physician after properly measuring the leg. Over-the-counter compression stockings are available but may not be as effective for relieving symptoms of varicose veins such as leg pain, swelling, heaviness, tiredness, and cramps.

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