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Face veins
Face veins treatment

While unsightly veins are common on your legs, some men and women develop facial spider veins. Facial veins are usually referred to as broken capillaries, rosacea veins or facial telangiectasia and often have a thin web-like appearance and are found on the nose and cheek area. Though these veins are not a sign of a medical problem, they can be embarrassing and difficult to conceal. Causes of visible facial veins can be due to the loss of elasticity as we age, in addition to hormonal changes, increased sun exposure and having a fair complexion.

Treatment options for face veins depends on many factors, including the diameter and locations of the veins as well as the skin type and prior treatments.

At New York Vein Treatment Center, we offer sclerotherapy, laser therapy or a combination of both to treat facial veins. Our vein specialist will perform a thorough examination of your face veins and choose the best treatment option that is right for you. Call and schedule your consultation today.

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