ClariVein Treatment

ClariVein ablation is one of the relatively new minimally invasive techniques of endovenous obliteration, otherwise called “mechano-chemical ablation”. The key difference of this modality from the traditionally used ones, such as endovenous LASER or radiofrequency therapy, is the absence of need for tumescent anesthesia due to the lack of the thermal component during the procedure. The major disadvantage, however, of this type of endovenous ablation is the still prohibitively high rate of recanalization, or re-opening of the treated vein. As of now, therefore, the above combination makes Clarivein therapy suitable for the treatment of the insufficient veins located in the anatomically difficult-to-access areas in the patients with increased sensitivity and a high number of serious comorbidities. An additional obstacle in Clarivein® therapy utilization is the non-existing or extremely vague guidelines employed by the major health insurance carriers.

Spider veins in legs early stage

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