Dornier Flexipulse

Dornier FlexiPulse is currently the only laser system available for the direct treatment of spider veins (telangiectasia). As opposed to the endovenous laser therapy, which is done through a needle inserted into a diseased vein, Dornier FlexiPulse treatment is performed through the intact skin, or transcutaneously, with no needles at all. This modality, therefore, is a truly NON-invasive procedure.

While the sclerotherapy is usually more suitable for the larger spider veins, the smaller ones are best treated with this transcutaneous laser. It is effective, quick, painless, with the results being seen immediately. Often, it is used in combination with other forms of venous therapy.

As in all the other cases, it is important to confirm that the condition responsible for the spider vein development, such as stasis venopathy for example, was completely eliminated or had resolved on its own prior to starting this treatment.

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