Hand Veins

Spider veins in hands
Spider veins in hands
As we age, many people will develop prominent and unsightly veins on the back of the hands. This is due to the natural aging process related to the reduction in collagen production and loss of subcutaneous fat. As a result, the dermis of the skin becomes thin and translucent and there is a loss of elasticity in both skin and vein wall. Though these bulging hand veins are not diseased or varicose veins, the appearance of such veins can make some feel self-conscious and less youthful. At New York Vein treatment Center, we offer a variety of treatment options to remove the bulging veins in your hand. Sclerotherapy injection is the treatment of choice for the removal of hand veins, though occasionally, mini micro-phlebectomy(surgical removal through a small incision) maybe recommended. Our expert vein specialist will evaluate your skin and review the right treatment options with you.

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