What to Look for in a Vein Doctor


\"shutterstock_158366573\"Whether you\’re seeking treatment for vein disease or spider veins, you\’ll need to choose the best vein doctor for the job. The best vein doctors are board certified, have ample experience and utilize the latest technology and innovations in the vascular field. To help you choose the right vein doctor for your needs, consider the following tips for what to look for in a vein specialist.

  1. Board Certification

Choose a vein specialist who is board certified from a recognized organization like the American Board of Surgery. A board certification means the doctor is certified to perform surgical treatments and remains up-to-date on the best medical practices. Also check to see if the doctor has a certification in general or vascular surgery, as this shows the doctor has training and experience in the specific treatment you need.

  1. Area of Specialty

Just because a vein clinic offers a certain treatment, does not mean a particular doctor performs it regularly. If you need a varicose vein treatment, make sure the doctor specializes in that area of vascular surgery. Inquire about the doctor\’s experience, such as residencies, fellowships and training, in the particular area you\’re looking for.

  1. State-of-the-art Technology

The best vein doctor utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This allows the doctor to diagnose all kinds of vein conditions and treat them in the least invasive manner possible.

  1. Recommendations and Referrals

If you are having trouble choosing which vein doctor is right for you, consider recommendations and referrals. Ask your doctor who they\’d recommend, and if you know someone who has had a similar treatment ask them who they go to. You can also ask the vein doctor you are considering to show you \”before\” and \”after\” pictures of the treatment you’d like to receive.

Dr. Lev M. Khitin at the New York Vein Treatment Center is a leading cardiovascular surgeon who is board certified in general, vascular, cardiac and thoracic surgery. He is a member of a number of medical associations and is recognized internationally for his achievements in the field of circulation. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Khitin, please call (212) 575-8346.

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