How Does Spider Vein Treatment Work?


Spider veins or \”telangiectasia\” are a mostly harmless condition, but one which can become extremely unsightly and, occasionally, a little painful. Persons who suffer from spider veins often feel very self-conscious about it and often do not want to wear any clothing that shows their feet or lower legs where spider veins are typically worst. Appearing as a blue to purple web of swollen veins, telangiectasia is more common in women; however, many people of both genders and all ages want to know if there is a spider vein treatment in NYC that can get rid of this condition.


The majority of spider veins can be treated with a special LASER method, called FlexiPulse®. The procedure is non-invasive, meaning it is performed through the skin with no needles involved. During the procedure, the light of the FlexiPulse® LASER goes through the skin and other tissue with no interruption until it hits hemoglobin contained in red blood cells. Once this happens, the LASER light evaporates the hemoglobin and seals the spider vein, making it invisible. The procedure is painless, and the results are permanent.

For extremely enlarged spider veins, also known as veno-venous malformations, there is another treatment available known as sclerotherapy, which simply involves injection of a special drug into the diseased veins. However, to understand how this treatment works, it\’s important to look at what spider veins are and how they\’re caused.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are basically just veins that have become dilated, that is, stretched out of shape. These veins include capillaries, as well as terminal venules and arterioles—the smallest vessels connecting capillaries with arteries and veins.

What causes them?

Most spider veins are caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and acquired so-called \”risk factors,\” including prolonged standing, habitual heavy lifting, multiple pregnancies, prolonged immobility, increased body weight or height, as well as many others. Such combination leads to the development of a condition called \”venous insufficiency,\” with spider veins being only one of its many symptoms.

How to treat them

Before proceeding with spider vein treatment, it\’s absolutely crucial for your physician to determine whether you have venous insufficiency. If you do, it must be treated first or else the procedure will not permanently fix the spider veins. Additionally, venous insufficiency often must be addressed in its own right.

Once all the above investigations are completed, the treatment by itself is simple, painless, safe and effective. The results are permanent. There is no preparation required prior to procedure. There are no limitations after the procedure is completed.

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