An NYC Vein Specialist explains why the varicose veins are not merely a cosmetic problem


Many people think of their varicose veins and spider veins as primarily a cosmetic issue. They might regret the bulging blue veins prevent them from exposing their legs, but they attribute them simply to the process of getting old. They do not seek medical attention, thinking mistakenly of their veins as of purely cosmetic matter. In this article, a prominent NYC vein doctor of the New York Vein Treatment Center dispels these misconceptions. Dr. Lev Khitin explains that vein disease is much more than a cosmetic issue.

What should Manhattan residents know about vein disease?

Firstly, you should know that if you have varicose veins or spider veins, you are not alone – so do 20-25% of women below the age of 40 and nearly 40% of women over 50. And vein disease does not affect only women; 20% of men over 50 also have significant vein problems. It is estimated that over 25 million Americans have varicose veins or disorders responsible for their development.

Secondly and more importantly, while varicose veins are not considered a great health risk per se, they do indicate presence of a profound circulatory abnormality, which in turn is an actual disease and is, therefore, responsible for not only further progression, but also for development of serious consequences. So, what can happen when the veins that are supposed to pump used blood upwards, back to your heart, do not do it anymore? Furthermore, instead of delivering this blood upstream, the diseased veins allow it to drain downstream. As a result, our legs receive “recycled” blood: with no oxygen, but with an excessive amount of end-metabolites, such as for example lactic acid etc. Additionally, this blood is being infused under elevated pressure. All of the above triggers multiple symptoms, such as pain, swelling, fatigue, heaviness, muscle cramps, burning and such, and eventually leads to development of numerous complications. Formation of different types of blood clots, bleeding, a wide range of infections, non-healing lesions, trophic ulcers and even malignant tumors are just some of the examples of these complications.

Varicose and spider veins, therefore, are not an annoyance, but an early sign of serious medical condition, affecting not only appearance, but also your entire circulatory system, your health, your ability to work productively and to enjoy fully your time of work, and sometimes even your life.

How can NYC vein treatment center help with your vein problems?

The first step toward improving your venous health, and thus your overall health, starts with a thorough evaluation by a qualified vascular physician specializing and well-known in the field. During such evaluation, certain tests and studies might be used, since what is being seen by a naked eye is only a minor part of the entire picture. Upon completion of the diagnostic routine, an individual treatment or prevention plan is being formulated and discussed with the patient. During this discussion, a variety of different treatment options is normally being considered, always leaving to the patient the right of choice. The office is equipped with the state-of –the art devices being operated by the healthcare professionals of the highest qualification, dedicated to the field of prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy of venous circulation of the lower extremities.

Vein disease doesn\’t go away on its own or \”clear up over time\”

The cosmetic aspect of varicose veins and other venous diseases is a concern. No one ever should be ashamed of a desire to look better. The appropriate approach to the vein disease is much more than just better appearance. It is about feeling better, being able to do more and better, about improving circulation and, therefore, becoming healthier and happier.

New York Vein Treatment Center is dedicated to integrative approach, meaning the following. First, the “entire” patient is being treated, rather than a single symptom or a disease. Second, there is a strong believe, that there are no two people identical to each other and, therefore, each patient is being seen and treated as an individual. Third, there is no universal treatment strategy or a believe system. There is rather a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, procedures and interventions with physical therapy, medications and supplements, diet, life style modifications and stress management, as well as many other modalities.

The ultimate goal of Manhattan vein treatment center is improvement of the health, look and life. Take that step and call today at 212-575-8346 to schedule a consultation.

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