A NYC Vein Doctor Explains How Vein Disease Can Affect Your Relationship


Vein disease may seem like a very personal, individual problem. After all, you’re the one who has to live with swollen legs and ankles, the aching and fatigue, and the unpleasant sight of varicose veins and spider veins. However, your loved ones may also be affected, particularly your romantic partner. Your partner doesn’t want to see you unhappy or feeling badly about yourself, and they most definitely want you healthy!

What do Manhattan residents need to know about the causes and signs of vein disease?

In order to know just how a varicose veins doctor in NYC can help you with your relationship, it may be helpful to understand what causes varicose veins in the first place. Those unsightly bulges are the result of venous insufficiency, which means that, due to combination of genetic predisposition with certain lifestyle factors, the tiny valves inside your veins do not work anymore properly. This, in its turn, makes it impossible for veins to deliver your blood upward, toward the heart. Instead, venous blood goes with forces of gravity, downstream. When this happens, venous “used” blood pools in the legs, stretching the vein walls and causing swollen legs, aching, and a heavy feeling. Left untreated, it eventually leads to formation of blood clots, development of trophic ulcers, infections, bleeding and even malignant changes of the skin.

How can a NYC vein specialist help my relationship?

These symptoms and complications can take a toll on your love life. If you are feeling tired and achy, you’ll be less interested in going out and having fun with your partner. If you feel you have to hide your legs, you’ll be less confident in wearing your favorite clothes and you’ll probably feel less romantic in general. Here’s where an NYC vein specialist such as Dr. Lev Khitin can help. He and his caring team at New York Vein Treatment Center treat every patient individually, knowing that vein disease affects your health, your self-image and your self-confidence. They will provide you with a professional circulatory health evaluation and then suggest the best treatments for your particular situation. Your treatment choices will depend on many factors including the location and extent of your vein disease, and may include help with lifestyle factors such as being overweight, which can aggravate circulation problems.

These days, modern vein treatment methods are safe, painless, quick and provide permanent solution. Unlike the past, new therapies, such as FlexiPulse LASER, Clarivein, micro-sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, endovenous RadioFrequency and LASER are all minimally invasive, meaning they can be performed conveniently in your NYC Vein Treatment Center with no need to go to a hospital at all. That is also good news for your relationship: you’ll be in an out and back at your usual activities the very same day, with no scars and no limitations of your life style. In fact, why not make a dinner date for that night, to celebrate your improved health and look?

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