A Manhattan Vein Doctor Explains How You Can Relieve Leg Pain for Good


If your legs consistently ache, you may find yourself wondering what you can do to get rid of the pain for good. There are a number of ways to address leg pain, many of which involve dealing with the underlying issue. In order to relieve leg pain for good, you must first understand what is causing the pain and what steps you need to take in order to treat it.

What do Manhattan residents need to know about the causes of leg pain?

Your leg pain may have a very obvious cause. If you bumped your shin while moving a piece of furniture or have sore joints due to arthritis, it is easy to pinpoint the pain’s cause and take steps to relieve it. However, not all leg pain is easy to trace. Some types of leg discomfort are caused by issues in the veins, a situation that is difficult to detect without a specialist’s help.

One less than obvious cause of leg pain is superficial venous insufficiency. This condition occurs when your veins are unable to efficiently transport blood from your extremities back to your heart. When your veins are working as they should, tiny one-way valves allow blood to flow towards the heart and prevent it from flowing backwards. However, if these valves do not work properly, blood can succumb to gravity and pool in your lower extremities. As a result, you may experience pain and swelling in your legs. You may find that this pain occurs while you are engaging in a physical activity, but relieves itself after you rest. You may also find that the pain persists even while you are resting. Some patients report a burning sensation that feels as though a portion of their skin has a very high temperature.

What can be done to relieve leg pain for good?

Pain relievers and other forms of home care can only go so far in relieving leg pain. If your discomfort is caused by circulation issues, vein treatment is one of the most effective forms of relief. Conferring with a vascular specialist in Manhattan such as Dr. Lev Khitin is the best place to start when learning more about what types of treatment can address your problems. There are a number of minimally invasive procedures available that can relieve circulation issues and the pain that often accompanies them.

Endovenous obliteration is often utilized to address chronic venous insufficiency. This minimally invasive procedure uses heat or laser energy to seal off a diseased vein. Blood is rerouted to healthier vessels, relieving your leg pain and allowing you to enjoy a more efficient circulatory system. If you are hoping to get rid of varicose veins alongside relieving leg pain, your doctor may recommend phlebectomy to remove the unsightly vessels. This procedure is sometimes used to remove varicose veins after the underlying issue is addressed. Finally, compression stockings are often recommended in addition to other forms of vein treatment to help maximize your veins’ efficiency.

Leg pain can be draining and prevent you from enjoying activities you used to love, but with the help of the New York Vein Treatment Center you can find the solutions you need. If you believe your leg pain may be caused by venous insufficiency (or any other venous disorder), we encourage you to contact our Manhattan offices to set up a consultation. Leg pain can be relieved for good, so don’t hesitate to seek treatment.

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