An expert interview with a NYC Vein Specialist on Swollen Legs


If you suffer from swollen legs, it may be harder for you to go about your daily activities and definitely makes daily life less fun. We interviewed NYC vein doctor about swollen legs, including possible causes, the steps to take for their prevention and the ways to proceed with the treatment. Dr. Lev Khitin of the New York Vein Treatment Center shares his expertise on the above subject.

What should Manhattan residents know about the symptoms of swollen legs?

Swelling in the lower extremities is a common problem and represent one of the symptoms of many different diseases, including heart failure, kidney failure, different circulatory disorders and many other pathological conditions. When swelling is limited to only the lower extremities, it is most commonly caused by abnormalities in venous circulation, altogether grouped under name “venous insufficiency”.

 What causes swollen legs?

Venous insufficiency refers to the abnormal function of the veins of the lower extremities, during which some of the veins are not able to pump the used blood from our legs upstream to the heart. Furthermore, severely affected veins not only do not deliver blood upstream, but also drain it downstream: in opposite direction! The consequences of this abnormality are multiple, including heaviness, tiredness, weakness, discomfort, deep dull ache, restless leg syndrome, muscle cramps, burning, coldness, difficulties walking and standing still, swollen legs, as well as many others. All the above symptoms are  an indicator that a visit to a qualified NYC varicose veins doctor is a good idea.

What can a qualified vein specialist do about swollen legs and ankles?

A thorough venous health examination is the first step, along with a detailed medical history. The medical history is important because genetics play a role in vein disease, so if your family members suffer from varicose veins, you are more likely to as well. A physical examination of your legs is next, followed by a painless ultrasound examination to reveal circulation problems below the skin surface.

Depending on what the examination, tests and studies reveal, there are a variety of treatment options ranging from totally conservative, such as so-called “life style modifications” and wearing special elastic stockings, to minimally invasive, meaning procedures performed through a needle. If a procedure is necessary to treat any of the mentioned symptoms, get rid of varicose veins or even to deal with complications of venous insufficiency, such as blood clots, all of them are performed right in NYC vein treatment center on an outpatient basis. All of the procedures performed are safe, effective, quick, painless and, most importantly, provide permanent results.

So there’s no need to suffer with swollen legs any more. A visit to our Manhattan vein treatment center is the first step to relieving the pain and swelling and improving your quality of life. Give our office a call at (212) 575-8346 to learn more about vein disease and the way we can help you to get rid of varicose veins.

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