Dr. Lev Khitin on Finding the Best Vein Doctor for You


\"ImageIf you are looking for the best vein doctor in NYC, Dr. Lev Khitin should be on your short list. Dr. Khitin has been recognized worldwide for his work on the circulatory system of the human body, and has a long history of delivering outstanding results to his patients. But no matter where you\’re located or who you end up choosing as your specialist, Dr. Khitin has tips to make sure you\’re working with the absolute best vein doctor for you:

1.  Credentials do matter – In the field of medicine, degrees and awards are more than just a piece of paper. Even in today\’s competitive medical field, there is a wide range of quality among physicians and surgeons. The certifications that the best vein doctors receive are based on merit and achievement in a closely scrutinized field, as well as knowledge and proven experience. Lev Khitin, for example, is not just a surgeon, but board-certified in general, cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery. This means he has been reviewed and held to high standards, leading to better outcomes for patients.

2.  Look for open, transparent pricing – Treatment for varicose veins and other vein conditions varies greatly in pricing. Many specialists will offer complicated payment structures in which you are charged additional fees for your initial consultation and for various parts of the treatment and recovery process; many patients aren\’t always aware that these things will be billed separately. Dr. Khitin recommends looking for vein clinics that can provide a clear, fixed price for a common treatment that includes the consultation.

3.  Is this vein doctor active in the medical community? – As with any other industry, there are vein doctors who essentially just clock in and clock out. These doctors aren\’t necessarily delivering poorer results for their patients, but they also aren\’t passionately pursuing new treatments, better practices or new knowledge in their field. Dr. Khitin has made it a point to be active in the medical community broadly, both as a Fellow at prominent medical colleges and in professional associations, and has pioneered new and better ways to treat vein disorders.

4.  Trust your gut – Ultimately, the best vein doctor for you is the one you feel you can trust. That sense of trustworthiness often reflects how much attention they have given you, how well they listened to you, and how thoroughly they prepared you for the procedure you\’re considering.

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