Purpose & Importance of Compression Stockings


After a thorough evaluation at the New York Vein Treatment Center in Manhattan, your doctor may recommend the temporary use of compression stockings due to variety of different reasons. Read on to learn about compression therapy or contact our vein treatment center: (212) 575-8346.

What You Need to Know About Compression Therapy

Wearing compression stockings is only one part of the complex therapy of venous disorders. While compression stockings do not play a permanent role in the treatment of venous disorders, they do serve numerous temporary functions during dedicated multimodal therapeutic management. Specialized compression stockings of precise graduated pressure are being utilized for different purposes at different stages of treatment.

Compression stockings assist with the treatment of vein disorders in the following ways:

  • When being used in the treatment of venous disorders, the pressure provided by the stockings must exceed the pressure in the vein being compressed. This pressure, referred to as intravenous pressure, is meticulously measured during dedicated diagnostic tests.
  • Next, the affected extremity is measured upon maximal optimization of all associated pathological processes, such as inflammation, swelling, etc.
  • Finally, a specialized compression stocking is ordered based on the intravenous pressure, as well as the dimensions of the extremity, specific purpose of their application, extend of disease, and so on.

It is important to realize that any kind of mismatch of pressure, size or configuration in the compression stockings during the treatment of venous disorders significantly increases the risk of thrombophlebitis, the inflammation of the vein wall. Therefore, it is crucial to only use compression stockings provided by a certified vein specialist for the specific purpose of complex multimodal therapy.

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