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\"Veins,-Superficial-Insufficiency,-Thrombophlebitis\"Most New Yorkers love to get outside in the springtime and enjoy the sunshine by taking regular walks. However, if your legs aren’t feeling their best, you may be reluctant to get out and about like you used to. Prevailing majority of problems with our lower extremities are caused by circulatory abnormalities, many of which can be prevented if addressed at their early stages.

What should Manhattan residents keep in mind in order to maintain healthy circulation?

Regular exercise, a balanced diet and maintaining active and otherwise healthy life style can go a long way to preventing many health problems in our lives. It holds true for our circulation too. Most people are aware that the extra weight contributes to a multitude of health problems by adding up unnecessary stress to all our organs and tissues, affecting or circulation the most. Sedentary life style is another risk factor for abnormalities in the blood flow and supply. Not only these factors cause stagnancy of our circulation, but more importantly they contribute to development of atherosclerosis in our arteries. Stroke, heart attack, trophic ulcers, infections, blood clots and many other complications are direct consequence of the above.

Increased weight and decreased physical activity are also leading risk factors contributing to development of a condition called “venous insufficiency”, group of vein diseases responsible to formation of not only spider and varicose veins, but also to many other circulatory problems. Venous insufficiency occurs when the vein walls and valves weaken, causing pooling of the blood in the feet and legs. It can lead to development of bulging vein, pain, swelling, heaviness and tiredness in our legs and feet, muscle cramps, repeated infections, itching, coldness and burning, difficulties walking or standing and many others symptoms. More importantly, if left untreated, it leads to formation of blood clots, trophic ulcers, non-healing wounds and trophic ulcers, as well as to bleeding and other complications.

What if I already have problems with my legs?

If you are experiencing pain, swelling, heaviness and tiredness, if it is difficult for you to walk or stand, or even sit for prolonged periods, if you have deep dull discomfort, ache, throbbing or soreness in your legs or feet, if your feel burning, coldness, itching, if you have muscle cramps or suffer from restless leg syndrome, if you see spider or varicose veins on your legs or feet, or have family history of having any of the above problems, it may be a good time to ask for help from a professional.

Dr. Lev Khitin at New York Vein Treatment Center is a leading specialist in prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting our venous circulation. Some people don’t want to visit a varicose vein center, fearing what they’ve heard in the past about invasive, painful vein treatments, scarring and extensive recovery times. However, all that is in the past and modern vein diseases treatment modalities are safe, effective and minimally invasive, provide permanent results, painless, and performed in the outpatient office, do not require special time for recovery and allow to immediate return to the most of professional or personal life activities.

If you have any questions about your circulation or conditions affecting veins, please call our NY office at (212) 575-8346 to set up a consultation today. We will be delighted to take care of you.

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