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With summer just around the corner, there is lots of sun and sand in the months to come for us New Yorkers. Whether you are taking off to the Hamptons for some quiet time, or spending your days on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, it\’s important to book your hotels and rental cars way ahead time. Just like your travel plans, it\’s equally important to treat any discoloration you may have in your legs from Spider Veins before the summer is in full swing.

Improve Your Lifestyle 

Spider veins are often unsightly and can make you self conscious, especially during the warm summer months when your skin is more likely to be exposed. Spider Veins are caused by dilated blood vessels which are visible since they are closer to the skin. Unlike Varicose Veins, these veins can usually be treated by a simple procedure known as Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is done in our clinic, and does not require any anesthetic. In the procedure, a medicine is injected into the blood vessels, which irritates and causes them to shrink. This stops the blood in that vessel from spreading and over time, the body absorbs this \”new\” vein. Most of our patients notice an improvement a few weeks after their initial treatment, and in some cases, multiple treatments are required. This is a safe, easy, and painless procedure that will have you back on your feet the same day.

What Can You Do?

If you suffer from spider veins, contact Dr. Khitin at the New York Vein Treatment Center. Dr. Khitin is a certified vein specialist in NYC who specializes in vein complications of the lower extremities. In the spirit of the holidays, the New York Vein Treatment Center is offering complimentary consultations and a Sclerotherapy package special. Contact the vein clinic to set up your free consultation: (212) 575-8346.

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