Sclerotherapy: Unique Combination of Modern and Traditional Modalities of Vein Treatment in Manhattan


\"NYVTC-New-york-vein-treatment-center-new-york-ny-sclerotherapy-.png\"Sclerotherapy is commonly used for treatment of so called “spider veins”, also known as telangiectasias, and much less often as one of the treatment modalities for varicose veins. In this vein diseases treatment, a chemical solution or foam is injected into the problem vein, irritating the walls of the vessel, which causes it to collapse, seal off and eventually to be reabsorbed by the body and, therefore, disappear completely. There are a variety of sclerotherapy techniques that can be used, depending on not only on medical indications and contraindications, but also on personal preferences and desirable results.

What do New York City patients need to know about sclerotherapy treatment?

At the New York Vein Treatment Center, only the safest and the most effective versions of sclerotherapy have been used for years with excellent results and with no complications. We combine well-established and, therefore, safest techniques with the newest technologies, including unique instruments, infrared and LASER trans-illumination and sono-radar navigation to trace and treat the diseased veins.

This allows your spider vein doctor or varicose vein doctor to more accurately inject the sclerosing solution and restore healthy vein function.

At the New York Vein Treatment Center all currently available modalities of sclerotherapy are being used routinely depending on the medical needs and individual preferences of every patient. The sclero-agents being utilized are ranging from old-fashioned and conservative solutions, such as hypertonic saline and dextrose, to just recently FDA-approved alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants, like sodium tetradecyl sulfate, being introduced into diseased veins as solutions, foams and semi-foams via direct injections, sono-guided infusions or catheter-based navigation and dispersion. A wide variety of anesthetic techniques are being used minimizing discomfort during treatment.

What can I expect at my sclerotherapy appointment?

A single sclerotherapy appointment takes well under an hour and involves from very few to sometimes fifty injections to close spider veins in one or several areas of the body, performed as often as every other day if necessary. Most patients require more than one session to achieve desirable results. The patients can elect to have the procedures done at their desired frequency and intensity.

After each session of spider vein treatment or varicose vein treatment, the treated area of the leg is being wrapped with a special compressive bandage for total of two days, following which it is important to wear compression stockings for another two days. Other than that, there are no restrictions, limitations or requirements: you can resume your usual lifestyle immediately upon completion of the procedure. Over a period of a few weeks, the problem veins will gradually disappear, leaving you with not only better looking, but also better feeling AND healthier legs.

The best way to find out if sclerotherapy is an appropriate vein disease treatment for you is to make an appointment with Dr. Khitin, NYC leading vein specialist, for an evaluation. An individual treatment plan will be recommended based on a comprehensive evaluation of your circulation and in accordance with your medical concerns and aesthetic preferences. If you are in the Manhattan area, please call (212) 575-8346 for a consultation today.

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