Preventing & Treating Spider Veins


If you are over the age of 45, you may have begun to see red and blue web-shaped veins appear on your legs or feet. These veins, known as spider veins, are not uncommon. They are similar to varicose veins as they are enlarged superficial blood vessels, but they are smaller and appear closer to your skin. Spider veins affect a significant portion of the adult popular. A recent study looked at 1,566 people and found 84% had spider veins on their right legs. While they are not usually harmful, spider veins – medically referred to as telangiectasia – can be uncomfortable and visually displeasing. On rare occasion, the spider veins can rupture and cause bleeding.

There are many factors that can cause spider veins, and your risk increases with age. Some of these factors are hereditary, obesity, hormonal changes, , and occupations that require you to stand for long periods of time or to lift heavy objects. In addition to their appearance, people with spider veins can experience discomfort and swelling in the legs, tiredness in the legs, and the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

While you cannot prevent yourself from getting spider veins, there are several methods used to slow down process of their development.  These include avoidance of prolonged standing and even sitting, avoidance of heavy lifting for extended periods of time, monitoring your body weight, regular physical exercises and lifting your feet, when possible.

For those who already have spider veins, contact a sclerotherapy center in NYC to take care of them. The most effective way to treat spider veins is pulsatile LASER therapy, called “FlexiPulse”. The procedure is done with the LASER light going through the skin. So, there are no needles involved. Additionally, some stubborn spider veins require sclerotherapy, involving injection of a special solution into your enlarged veins to seal and destroy them.

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