A Manhattan Vein Doctor Explains the Benefits of Screening Vein Diseases


\"old_people\"It is common to believe that majority of conditions affecting our health are age-related. Yet, “old age” has never been a disease, but merely just a minor risk factor for a handful of disorders. Furthermore, so-called “chronological age” is the number of years somebody lived. While, “physiological age” is reflection of the overall health when compared to statistical average health condition for any given age and gender.

While weakness of venous walls is the main cause of any pathological condition affecting our venous circulation, there are many triggering factors responsible for timing and, most importantly, severity of the disease. Some of those risk factors include increased weight, as well as increased height, constant activities requiring prolonged standing or even prolonged sitting, multiple pregnancies, protracted immobility, surgery or trauma of lower extremities, pelvis and lower abdomen and many others. Undergoing screening for venous diseases will help you in detecting a disease, of which you might be not be aware yet and, therefore, will allow to take needed steps to prevent its development.

What should Manhattan patients expect from a screening for vein diseases?

There are several different modalities of screening for venous abnormalities. Choice, of course, depends of specific circumstances, including for example, overall health, individual complaints, concerns or their absence, presence of risk factors, family history, type of professional activity and details of life style, as well as many others. What you would require can range from vascular physical examination to the most sophisticated tests and studies, which should be determined by a specialized physician proficient in taking care of patient with circulatory abnormalities.

Coincidentally, in the field of vein diseases diagnosis and prophylaxis, prevailing majority of tests and studies are non-invasive. For example, vascular duplex ultrasound and its modifications is painless, safe, quick and precise, when performed by a dedicated technologist at a specialized vascular center, such as for example New York Vein Treatment Center directed by a leading physician in diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders Dr. Lev Khitin.

Why bother having a vein screening?

Not many people consider medical screenings a fun addition to their day, but the advantages of vein screenings make them well worth the time they take. Vein screenings are an effective way to alert you and your doctor to problems that you may not yet know exist. For example, it is not uncommon for blood clots to be what is called “asymptomatic”, meaning behave in a way when we do not see or feel any signs of them being in our body. These can be the blood clots dislodging from our peripheral into central circulation and, therefore, travelling into our vital organs with all the consequences. Detecting something like that as early as possible can obviously save live or prevent major disability.

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