A Manhattan, NY Vein Doctor Reveals Why Vein Treatment Procedures Don’t Have to Be Painful


\"EVLT,If your parents, grandparents or friends have undergone varicose vein treatment, you may have heard horror stories. Older forms of vein treatment like vein stripping are painful and arduous, making them unappealing options for most patients. However, today’s medical technology makes these older procedures obsolete. Disregard the tales of pain you have heard. You can get rid of varicose veins without experiencing any pain.

How can Manhattan, NY patients experience pain-free vein treatment?

Looking at the bulging, twisted varicose veins or small blue torturous spider veins, you may wonder how such a problem could be treated without any pain. However, both problems can be dealt with in a minimally invasive and comfortable manner.

Most forms of vein treatment use methods that do very little to break the skin. This combined with the application of a local anesthetic makes them pain-free. Unlike vein stripping, which requires several surgical cuts to be made in the leg, modern vein treatment methods require merely the insertion of a needle.

One of the standard treatments for small, fine spider veins is sclerotherapy, which requires only the use of the smallest needle. This needle is inserted into a diseased vein where it delivers a special solution, which seals those veins making, therefore, them invisible. The varicose veins will likely require so-called “endovenous ablation”, for example endovenous LASER therapy or radio-frequency obliteration. During this treatment a special, slightly bigger than the smallest needle, soft wire is being inserted into a problematic vein for delivery of either LASER light or radio-frequency waves. In either case, upon completion of the procedure, the treated veins are being absorbed by our body and fully disappear.

What to expect from a vein treatment appointment

If you are planning on visiting Dr. Lev Khitin here at the New York Vein Treatment Center for vein treatment, you do not have to worry about pain. Knowing what to expect from a vein appointment can help ease your anxiety and make the process go smoothly. Rest assured any and all your questions will be answered and all the issues will be addressed.

Your first appointment with Dr. Khitin will focus full and the most comprehensive evaluation of your circulation and all related factors, including family history, life style, aesthetic concerns and many others. Upon completion of evaluation, a diagnosis is being established and plan of treatment is being created. Commonly conservative modalities of the treatment are being tried prior utilization of more aggressive therapeutic modalities, such as invasive procedure and such.

Vein disease is a frustrating problem, but today’s technology allows it to be addressed quickly and painlessly. For more information on how treatment works or if you have questions about the cost of spider vein treatment, get in touch with us at (212) 575-8346. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Don’t let horror stories from the past discourage you from getting the treatment you need. Take advantage of the painless vein treatment options available to you.

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