LASER Treatment for Varicose Veins is better than Surgery


\"varicoseWhile there are many options for treating varicose veins in NYC, LASER treatment is increasingly preferred by physicians and becoming far more popular among patients. There\’s a good reason for that: LASER therapy is minimally invasive (done through a needle) and more effective than any surgical alternatives. All it takes to see why is to look at how LASER treatment works and what makes it different.

One of the main reasons LASER treatment is preferred both by vein doctors and by patients is because it is much less invasive. Traditionally, over many decades, the diseased veins have been removed surgically.  Performed correctly, it did provide a cure for the disease, but was done through a significant incision, subsequently leading to a permanent scar formation. Additionally, it involved all other negative factors related to open surgery, such general anesthesia, prolonged recovery and real surgical complication, including bleeding, infection, cardiac arrest etc.

Endovenous treatment offers a better alternative in all regards. With LASER therapy, for example, only a needle enters the body. A wire then is placed through this needle. LASER light is conducted via this wire, on pull back of which, the diseased vein is being permanently sealed off. Furthermore, shortly after the procedure, the treated vein is going through process of disintegration, when our body slowly degrades this vein. The end result is the same, as with the open surgery: absence of the diseased vein. Yet, means of reaching to this point are incomparable: endovenous LASER therapy is performed with no incision, no general anesthesia, no hospitalization, no restrictions before or after, no physical limitations and no need to take time off or to change any aspects of your life style at all. It is quick, painless and, most of all, safe treatment, providing permanent results.

If you have vein disease, it\’s worth talking to LASER treatment doctor Lev Khitin at New York Vein Treatment Center to see if you are a candidate. The first step is to sit down for a consultation at our LASER treatment clinic in NYC and discuss what option is best for you.

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