What to Expect During EVLT (Endovenous LASER Therapy)


\"VaricoseGone are the days of painful, invasive vein treatment procedures, hospital visits, and extensive recovery times. The current vein treatment procedures are minimally invasive and have heralded a new, pleasanter era in vein disease treatment. Patients can now go to a single center for all their treatment needs and they can expect to be on their feet and on their way the same day – usually in about an hour. The vein specialist, Dr. Lev Khitin, at New York Vein Treatment Center is pleased to offer the latest, safest and the most effective therapeutic modalities, including endovenous LASER therapy, or EVLT.

What can New York City patients expect before EVLT?

Before beginning any treatment, Dr. Lev Khitin at New York Vein Treatment Center always conduct complete medical evaluation with emphasis on circulatory system, including full physical examination, as well as sophisticated tests and studies, designed to establish a precise diagnosis, based on which strictly individualized treatment plans are being created and presented to each patient.

During treatment

During the procedure, an abnormal vein is being treated through a needle place inside this vein after local anesthesia with Lidocaine is established. The entire procedure takes minutes, causes minimal, if any at all, discomfort, and requires no restrictions or limitation in typical lifestyle, including physical activity, either before its performance or upon its completion.

After treatment

You will start noticing improvement immediately after the procedure. You can return to your normal life, including professional activity, right away with no limitations or specific requirement. Often, it is required to wear special compression stocking for a few days. Since the prevailing majority of treatment modalities used deliver permanent results or simply saying provide cure for the disease, upon completion of the treatment, no further visits are required.

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