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Subtle Signs of Vein Disease That People Don’t Recognize

Vein disease develops slowly, taking years or decades to become symptomatic. However, people still don’t recognize the early signs or get the right treatment until their disease reaches a critical point. Dr. Lev Khitin, who has specialized exclusively in veins for over a decade, said patients often come to him with festering ulcers and nearly…
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How Do You Know If You Have Varicose Veins?

How do I know if I have varicose veins? Believe it or not, varicose veins are more common than you think and are found almost equally in both men and women. The risk with varicose veins is, that usually they are symptoms of a much larger disease, better known as venous insufficiency, and need to…
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Frequently Asked Questions About Endovenous Laser Vein Removal

Varicose veins is one of the most common medical problems in New York City, and people choose to deal with them in different ways.  For some people varicose or spider veins are simply a cosmetic problem.  They don’t cause them any pain or discomfort, but they also consider them unsightly and will wear clothing to…
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