3 Simple Exercises For A Better Vein Health


Let’s face it, it’s always easier to curl up on your couch with some snacks and your favorite show on Netflix, but whats easy isn’t always right. Now, we love a gripping TV show as much as the next person, but what we really love are healthy, happy veins. With the warm weather approaching, there is every reason to sit on that couch, and get up and get physical!

Whether you are a regular attendee at your local gym, or more of a “once in a blue moon” type of exerciser, one thing is clear: the right type of exercise is helpful in managing varicose veins.

No exercise can prevent your veins from appearing entirely, but there are ways to manage, or prolong, the appearance of unsightly, painful veins. On the other hand, there are a handful of exercises that can be downright detrimental to health of your veins and it’s important to make a note of those, as well. Activities like running, high-strain exercises, and weightlifting, may aggravate varicose vein swelling, so try to avoid those as much as you can. With that being said, here are the 3 exercises that can actually boost your vein health.

  1. Walking – What could be easier? This keeps you fit while simultaneously stretching and strengthening your calf muscles. Also, walking helps pump the blood out of your veins and improve the flow of blood returning back to the heart.
  2. Stationary Biking – A great way to improve blood flow without putting too much stress or pressure on your joints and bones.
  3. Swimming – Since your legs are horizontal, you get to exercise your muscles and improve blood flow, all while letting your joints and bones relax.

So, with that knowledge in tact, why are you still sitting at your computer? Get out there, and be good to your veins!

Is Exercising Still Not Helping?

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