Vein Disease Treatment

As opposed to the majority of situations with arterial disease, where the main goal of therapy is to improve blood flow through the diseased blood vessel (stents, bypasses etc.), the key idea of the therapy for vein disease symptoms is to eliminate reversed flow of the blood via the affected vein. Overall, the above can be categorized into three major modalities.

The first, is when a diseased vein is being physically removed, usually by means of surgery, totally from the body or partially. The second line of the therapy includes all interventions made usually through a needle, when a diseased vein is being sealed using different types of physical or chemical agents. Finally, the third approach is a prevention of the reversal flow by means of external compression usually provided with either special compression stockings or elastic bandages.

There are, of course, pros and cons of each of the above approaches, which are being discussed in the corresponding sections.

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