Leg Pain (Aches)

Pain from superficial venous insufficiency is a highly variable vein disease symptom. It ranges from vague dull discomfort to deep ache, throbbing and soreness, to frank pain. This leg pain is aggravated by standing, prolonged periods of sitting or by walking, particularly at a slow pace.

As opposed to the prevailing majority of other conditions affecting lower extremities, the leg pain of venous insufficiency does not correlate with degree of physical activity. It is usually brought by or worsens with periods of decreased mobility while standing in the vertical position. In the most typical case, the leg pain during standing improves with walking, since contractions of leg muscles propel the venous blood just like contractions of the heart move the blood through the arteries. Typically, venous pain increases in intensity throughout a day, and is more severe in hot weather.

Another hallmark sign of venous insufficiency is the leg pain during the first few steps, which alleviates with continuous walking, however comes back with prolonged walking. Such pain is called “venous claudication”. As opposed to classical arterial claudication, when sharp “cramp-like” leg pain develops suddenly in the calf muscles, with venous claudication, the pain increases gradually in the ankles, and is typically being relieved by rest sitting down and not by standing still, like with peripheral arterial disease. In absence of suitable sitting space, people suffering from venous claudication must lean their bodies or lift and shake their feet. In other words, they try to take the weight off their legs.

As the disease progresses, so does the pain. Persistent or night pain is an indicator of so-called “trophic changes”, or pathological developments of the tissue structure, when even with normalization of perfusion, the symptoms persist. This is different from the earlier stages of the disease, when the pain can generally be relieved by rest and limb elevation. Since the venous insufficiency is also responsible “sensory neuropathy”, or damage of neuro-receptors, the actual perception of tissue damage can be either exaggerated or blunted, causing severe pain with burning and tenderness or decreased sensation with eventual development of numbness correspondingly.

Leg pain of superficial venous insufficiency, just like any other type of pain, is a part of our defense mechanism, a signal indicating location and degree of damage our body sends to our brain. That is why, just like with any other types of symptoms, it is incorrect to only treat the pain, but rather to treat the pathological condition responsible for it.

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