Leg Pain

Leg Pain & Tenderness

There is a variety of different types of pain typical of superficial venous insufficiency. One of them is a deep dull ache with motionless standing or sitting. It is caused by stagnancy and even reversal of blood flow in incompetent superficial veins, where muscles of our legs pump the used blood through the veins just like the heart pumps the fresh blood through the arteries. The other type of pain is sharp and sudden pain which coincides with the contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles. Such pain is quite severe, occurring usually at rest, and is called "cramping". Yet another sort of pain is a deep and throbbing discomfort at night preventing people with this disease from falling asleep. Among numerous different kinds of pain associated with superficial venous insufficiency, it is of note that the pain resulting from trophic ulcers allows for the differentiation between venous stasis ulcers from usually painless diabetic and other neuropathic ones.

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